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graduating the back of a baritone ukulele

In making "Mccarten LTD" stringed instruments, Michael endeavors to create unique instruments on a custom and limited ("LTD") production basis.

Materials are chosen for their characteristics acoustically, physically, as well as their individually aesthetic qualities.

Some prefer the traditional materials and aesthetics.

Others are open to the alternative materials as well as those traditional materials which have non-traditional visual qualities.

"I have a great respect for the traditions as well as an enthusiasm for using those unusual gifts that nature provides to their maximum advantage". With exotic materials becoming scarce it is a positive quality for one to treat such gifts with the value and respect due.

Each part and combination of parts in an instrument serves it's role in achieving the unique quality of "voice" found in each individual instrument.

applying finish to back of baritone ukulele

Each player has a unique style and character which is complimented and reinforced by an instrument which is suited to them. And an instrument likewise has it's unique voice and character. "In a manner of speaking I act as a facilitator. Combining the luthier's art, with materials provided by nature, I bridge a gap to a player who's creativity bridges the next gap to those who experience that inspirational sonorous thing we call music".

Each instrument resonates with some particular player, providing a voice for the song.